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Undefeated Maritime Lawyers – Offshore Worker Recommends Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

Offshore Worker Who Lost Leg while Plugging Well Explains Why Zehl & Associates “Is the Best”

Maritime Worker who was Injured Offshore Explains why Zehl & Associates is “as Good As You Can Get”

Worker Burned in Offshore Explosion Describes Why Zehl & Associates is the Best of the Best

Injured Offshore Worker Discusses Why Z&A is the “Only Law Firm to Go With”

Offshore Worker Injured During Personnel Transfer Says Zehl & Associates Is Like Family

Greyhound Bus Accident Victim Receives Largest Settlement from Rollover Accident

Injured Offshore Worker Says Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates Are “Number One”

18 Wheeler Accident Victims Says Zehl & Associates is the Best Company He’s Ever Worked With

Worker Injured During BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion Recommends Zehl & Associates

Greyhound Bus Passenger Who Won $18.8 Million Explains Why Zehl & Associates are the Best

Offshore Worker Receives Substantial Settlement After Injuring Neck and Back on Ensco Rig

Offshore Worker Who Injured Knee After Slipping on Barge Discusses Working with Our Jones Act Lawyers

Offshore Worker Who Almost Died After Contracting Pneumonia Receives Record Breaking Settlement

Offshore Worker who Suffered Third Degree Burns Thanks Zehl & Associates for Substantial Settlement

Offshore Worker who Injured Shoulder in Alaska Recovers Record Settlement

Subsea Engineer who Injured Hand Offshore Explains how Zehl & Associates Helped him and his Family

Mother whose Child was Born with Birth Defects Thanks Zehl & Associates for Record Settlement


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